About Laura Thompson

Artist Marketing Coach and Founder of ArtBiz Alliance
Laura Thompson - Founder of ArtBiz Alliance

Laura C. Thompson has over 15 years of specialized experience in the marketing/advertising industry, with 12 years of direct work experience as an Art Director in some of the top advertising agencies where her main responsibilities included branding, marketing strategy, concept development, casting talent, and overseeing video, web and print production of a wide range of marketing materials. As an Art Director she also had accumulated in-depth skills in producing videos, digital photography, websites and printed material using main stream production software.

Laura Thompson is a York University Fine Arts graduate. She has a BFA Specialized Honours in Graphic Design, a Sheridan College Community Development Diploma and a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from ISIS Canada.  In addition Laura”s experience includes professional dancing and painting, world travels and living in 5 countries,

Her mission is to use all of her experience in arts, marketing, business strategy, sales, training, coaching, world cultural diversity, etc. to guide, motivate, inspire and lead artists FORWARD in prosperity!

Aspects of the Coaching Session

We will start with one free half an hour session during which we will assess our potential for partnership towards success.   From that we will decide if we want to keep going on a monthly basis, agree on a time and value investment and design a meeting schedule and format that will suit you and your goals best. 95% of my clients have continued on with me and we have a fruitful and dynamic ongoing month to month coaching relationship.

Having a regular, recurring time invested into working towards your vision together with staying accountable to your goals, building your success strategy together, feeling like you have a companion along your journey not only that maximizes your effectiveness but it is also a much more peaceful and enjoyable path.

I’ve got many hats! Consider me as your mentor, consultant, success buddy, agent, personal branding guru, marketing genius, but most importantly your personal and private coach, co-creating with in building your dreams, applying my creativity and marketing expertise to your success strategy, together playing the game with excellence, results and success.

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ArtBiz Alliance advances and enriches the art and business of Canadian artists uniquely through the power of personal branding, customized marketing strategy and art business community building.


ArtBiz Alliance envisions to become the most reliable and respected resource of business support for Canadian Artists primarily, through its effectiveness and quality of relationship to its clients.

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