ArtBiz Alliance is a creative marketing company that provides a diverse array of success tools dedicated to developing and promoting individual artists to their fullest potentials. ArtBiz Alliance services encompass creative passion beyond race, gender or age, the love for art and life, the effort towards personal excellence and the response-ability for global consciousness.

We offer personal branding and marketing consultancy, as well as complete production of websites, videos, printed material and other artist presentation and promotion services for all self-empowered artists, creative entrepreneurs and professionals.

Among the results you can expect are: authenticity,  empowerment, confidence, feedback, freedom, focus, motivation, strategy, courage, progress, inner work , potentiality, release, purpose, inner power, validation, direction, achievement, clarity, new ideas, excitement, clear steps, specificity, support, inspiration, self-discipline, community …

ArtBiz Alliance Coaching


ArtBiz Alliance Coaching is designed around you and where you are at, to help you progress in your goals as an artist.

ArtBiz Alliance Website


ArtBiz Alliance offers responsive, fully functioning artist websites starting at $500.

ArtBiz Alliance Video Production


Enhance your presentation online and offline with professional biographical videos such as video interviews and video studio tours. 

ArtBiz Alliance Personal Branding


Personal Branding will build consistency of your presentation as an artist at the core: values, personality, image, vision, purpose, etc.

More about the coaching with Laura ...

Coaching is a one-on-one personal development activity where you are joined by a coach in finding, focusing and manifesting your purpose, goals and dreams. We work together to build your personal and professional authentic image, achieve your goals, develop skills, and empower you to manifest your creative visions.

ArtBiz Alliance Coaching is designed around you and where you are at, to help progress to new heights. This success tool is available in one-on-one phone, skype or face-to-face sessions*

My promise to you is that our sessions will light a fire in your heart and mind that will drive you and your business energetically and positively towards your highest purpose, greatest passion and ultimate success potential.