Where do I start in marketing my art?

 Your hard work creating art deserves your best marketing art efforts. Begin with creating your Personal Brand. Define the uniqueness of your artistic expression and the passion that drives you to create. Project this definition in words, images and behaviour. If you can express it with CLARITY, Consistency and CONSTANCY for years to come then you can say you have a Personal Brand. Consider the opportunity to be in control of your image. Invest some of your creativity in You! 

Can you upgrade my site to a WordPress site?

The short answer is yes! If you already have a site with lots of content and you want to move it to WordPress to make it easier to manage, contact me with the details for a quote. ArtBiz Alliance website prices start at $500. 

What are Artist Residences?

Artists’ residencies provide time and space for artists and other creative individuals to work. Artists are selected through a competitive process for a “temporary” place in the community — length of residency varies from one week to several years. Artists communities’ can include housing, or be studio-only programs; they can support a single artistic discipline or bring together artists from across disciplines. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates on a large variety of Artists Residences.

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We will start with just one session, and from that decide if we want to keep going on a monthly basis. Further from there we can agree on a time and value investment and design a meeting schedule and format that will suit you and your goals best. Having a regular, recurring time invested into working towards your vision together with staying accountable to your goals, building your success strategy together, feeling like you have a companion along your journey not only that maximizes your effectiveness but it is also a much more peaceful and enjoyable path.